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Mega Sale Days is all the rage

Mega Sale Days (MSDs) in APAC have become very popular nowadays, especially during this pandemic.

A lot of people are always looking forward to these events as they spend more time in their homes and are looking for exciting promos while browsing. Examples of this MSD are the 9.9 promos, Singles Day, All out Sale and a lot more. These MSD plays a big part in businesses as it really does help the brand in increasing engagement.

As with the statistics, 96% of millennial shoppers say that MSDs are more than just about discounts. This just shows how these can help in building good relationships with your customers. 40% as well say that they love taking part in interactive games and giveaways which again can help establish follower reach.

It is important that you have the ability to deliver relevant products and services so that you can be appealing on social media knowing that a lot are also doing MSD to attract customers. It may be hard on how you should strategize your MSD promos but we can help you achieve doing this for your business.

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